Soul Saving and Spirituality

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Is the church’s single-minded emphasis upon rescuing souls hampering the growth of the church? For many individuals this will seem like a very controversial question and whom would say that obviously the more souls that are saved, the larger the growth of the church. However, I would like to question that…

The Truman Show Review

I really enjoyed the Truman show. It was thought provoking and had many meaningful parallels. Towards the end of the movie, I began to see a parallel between Christof and the devil. Christof had successfully deceived Truman into thinking that Seahaven was the real world. That everything in it had meaning and was all that … More The Truman Show Review

5 Important Truths we Forget

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As a Christian in America, I can easily become distracted from the important things. I’ve been realizing how easily I can forget important principles and truths from Scripture. So, I’ve compiled a quick list of 5 things we Christians often lose sight of and forget:? “My hope is built on nothing less,…

Devo Time With Hudson: Guarding My Spiritual Garden

As I was copying down Proverbs 24 today in my neat 17:18 Series Proverbs Journal, I was struck by the interesting metaphor the writer uses in verses 30-34. 30 I went past the field of a sluggard,     past the vineyard of someone who has no sense; 31 thorns had come up everywhere,     the ground was covered with … More Devo Time With Hudson: Guarding My Spiritual Garden