God’s Deep Love ~ Like and Ocean

I’ve come to realization that I have a very weak understanding of how much my Lord loves me. I get so caught up in the expectations of the world, professors with class agendas, employers with work, bills to be paid, friends to hang out with, leadership positions to be fulfilled, that I forget that my Lord LOVES me. Unconditionally. Every day. No matter what. … More God’s Deep Love ~ Like and Ocean


Soul Saving and Spirituality

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Is the church’s single-minded emphasis upon rescuing souls hampering the growth of the church? For many individuals this will seem like a very controversial question and whom would say that obviously the more souls that are saved, the larger the growth of the church. However, I would like to question that…

The Truman Show Review

I really enjoyed the Truman show. It was thought provoking and had many meaningful parallels. Towards the end of the movie, I began to see a parallel between Christof and the devil. Christof had successfully deceived Truman into thinking that Seahaven was the real world. That everything in it had meaning and was all that … More The Truman Show Review

5 Important Truths we Forget

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As a Christian in America, I can easily become distracted from the important things. I’ve been realizing how easily I can forget important principles and truths from Scripture. So, I’ve compiled a quick list of 5 things we Christians often lose sight of and forget:? “My hope is built on nothing less,…

Devo Time With Hudson: Guarding My Spiritual Garden

As I was copying down Proverbs 24 today in my neat 17:18 Series Proverbs Journal, I was struck by the interesting metaphor the writer uses in verses 30-34. 30 I went past the field of a sluggard,     past the vineyard of someone who has no sense; 31 thorns had come up everywhere,     the ground was covered with … More Devo Time With Hudson: Guarding My Spiritual Garden