The Truman Show Review

I really enjoyed the Truman show. It was thought provoking and had many meaningful parallels. Towards the end of the movie, I began to see a parallel between Christof and the devil. Christof had successfully deceived Truman into thinking that Seahaven was the real world. That everything in it had meaning and was all that mattered. Further, because he had ‘trained’ Truman to believe this, he held Truman captive through the lies. The devil uses a similar method to hold us captive. He throws us lies about happiness, saying we will find meaning through satisfying our desires. These messages tell us that if we attain enough sex, money, possessions, power, etc., we will find meaning atruman-show-picnd purpose. And so, we chase after this false world, living daily in a meaningless life full of created things that make us feel good for a while. But, because they don’t fulfill us enough, we continue to blindly seek after them without wondering why they don’t fulfill our desires.

It is not until we analyze the emptiness we feel, or be like Truman and see the oddity in our surroundings and seek the truth, that we will be able to discover the real world. I love the analogy at the end of the movie where Truman must make a decision to die to himself; he must leave everything he has ever known about the world and himself behind, and step through a doorway to the unknown. Similarly, we must die to ourselves and find our identity in Christ. We must step through the doorway to discover the truth and reject the lies that the devil has created for us to believe. Perhaps it will be a world that is “sick”, and perhaps the world we leave behind would lead a “normal” life. But, that is a chance we must take, just as Truman did.

However, we have the advantage of being promised a reconciled creation. We can look forward to the end of the story (which is really just the beginning), where the sick are healed and the dead are raised to life. Just like Lauren infiltrated the show to tell Truman that everything was a lie and that he needed to seek the truth, so Christ came into our world of lies to tell us to seek the truth and believe in Him for salvation.  Further, just as Truman looked at the picture he had created of Lauren from his memory, so we must look to the picture Christ has left in our memory, the Bible. This bit of truth will keep us grounded and protect us from believing the lies the devil surrounds us with.

The Truman Show provides us with an excellent picture of the prevalence and potency of the devil’s lies in our world. It should cause us to consider what lies we may believe about the world around us, and seek the truth in Scripture.



2 thoughts on “The Truman Show Review

  1. I think it’s really interesting that you found a parallel between Christoph and The Devil as most people see a parallel between Christoph and God. Very interesting thoughts. It would mean a lot to me if you’d check out my review of the film as I think we had somewhat different approaches to the film. Thanks!


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